Media & Entertainment

Ensuring starry arclights…

600 television channels…70,000 newspapers…1,000 films annually…100 million pay-television households… that’s how much Indians currently consume to quench their leisure and entertainment needs.

Driving this growing demand for media & entertainment are prime reasons such as increasing per capita income, increasing middle class and working population. According to ‘Spotlight on India’s Entertainment Economy,’ a report by Ernst & Young, the Indian Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry totaled revenues of US$ 16.3 billion in 2010. Further, the report estimates the revenues to exceed US$ 25 billion in the next four years!

Witnessing increased consumption and slated for impressive growth in future, the media and entertainment industry makes a compelling case for investments. For PVP, media and entertainment is one of its key and largest vertical. PVP is the Promoter and holds substantial investments in Picturehouse Media Limited, an organisation at the forefront of providing capital for the Indian entertainment industry.