Real Estate

Creating a parking space for great ideas…

If there’s one sector which is poised for further growth and consolidation, it is real estate. In 2011, private equity funds parked investments to the tune of $1,700 million in real rstate. Most of the growth in real estate can be linked to the increasing demand in the commercial and residential space. This demand is poised to grow further in future, reiterating the case for investment in real estate space.

In a sector as dynamic as real estate, availability of land is crucial. Holding large parcels of land in South India, PVP Ventures opens doors for realisation of many ideas.

Perambur, Chennai

PVP owns this 70-acre land parcel situated in the heart of the Chennai and about 4 kms. from Chennai central railway station. This land is under joint development with Unitech Limited and Arihant Housing & Foundation Limited. Going by the response to the first few phases of this project, it is all set to be one of the largest realty projects in South India. Over the next 7 years, this project is expected to yield approximately Rs. 1500 crores to PVP Ventures.

Shamshabad, Hyderabad

This property in Shamshabad, near International Airport, Hyderabad, is held by ‘New Cyberabad City Projects Private Limited,’ a subsidiary of PVP Ventures.